Articles and Data

  • Article 1: by Richard E. Quandt on statistical methods for analyzing blind wine tastings.
  • Article 2: by Orley Ashenfelter and Richard E. Quandt on wine tasting and statistical analyses.
  • Article 3: by Orley Ashenfelter, David Ashmore, and Robert Lalonde on Bordeaux Wine Vintage Quality and the Weather. Click here to see the data and the basic regression results.
  • Article 4: by Dennis V. Lindley on a Bayesian analysis of the famous 1976 tasting of French and American wines.
  • Article 5: by Richard E. Quandt provides detailed tables for testing whether a taster has a significant ability to identify wines in blind tastings.
  • Article 6: by Roman Weil on an interesting new method for testing whether people can discriminate among wines.
  • Article 7: An article by Daniel McFadden, with an Introduction by Orley Ashenfelter, on Restrictions on Interstate Wine Sales: Are They Justifiable?
  • Article 8: An article by William Dick of the Liquid Assets Wine Tasting Society of Indianapolis on TASTING NOTES 1983 & 1985 BORDEAUX.
  • Article 9: An article by Frank Vannerson, which examines what happened to French wine sales after Franco-American political relations deteriorated after January 13, 2002.
  • Article 10: A paper by Allan E. Wiseman and Jerry Ellig, entitled "The Politics of Wine: Trade Barriers, Interest Groups and the Commerce Clause" The Case of Virginia.
  • Article 11: An article by Joel Waldfogel on wine and global warming: comments on Ashenfelter and Storchmann
  • Article 12: An article by Karl Storchmann on sundry subtleties about wines.
  • Article 13: An article by Emmanuel de Lanversin on New Jersey Wines.
  • LIQUID ASSETS features:

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